New Kids on the Block Cake

I'm always excited for new challenges with cake commissions whenever I get a brief from someone. This time, it was New Kids on the Block!! I will say I was way more of a BSB fan since I was too young to appreciate NKOTB but it did prep me for the long teen years where I was a dedicated BSB and N'Sync fan. 

I remember I had a Jordan Knight doll cause I liked that he had black hair and could be matched up with my Barbies vs. having blonde Ken dolls. I was such a rebel at 5yrs old. (HA.) Of course we all sang along.... "Ooohh oh ohhh oh oh.. THE RIGHT STUFF!"

The most difficult part of this design was finding what outfits I can use to differentiate these guys and make it semi-apparent who each of them are. There's Jordan, Joey and Donny... the other two guys I can honestly say no one remembers them, right? They were the most difficult and I kinda just found some photos of them wearing similar-ish colors as these. :-/

This lovely NKOTB cake was chocolate with an OREO swiss meringue buttercream. So so so delish... and kinda like eating an Oreo Mc Flurry cream cake :D. 


I have a logo!!!

Ryan Feng Photography

Ryan Feng Photography


My gorgeously talented friend Tiffany helped me design a logo because I wanted to start creating a brand around the stuff that I'm working on. I just absolutely LOVE the design and creative process and always have in all the many years of advertising I've done. Being an Account person, we're usually relegated to managing clients, timelines, budgets, etc. But me, sure I did all that other stuff but my FAVORITE part was always working directly with the creative teams to see what they're thinking, how the work is coming along and to even maybe provide some input!!  (The nice creatives would ask ;) haha) 

This process was super fun and given that my friend Tiff has a full time job AND lives in Singapore now, she was just the best trooper ever providing me with options, different directions, etc. I wanted something fun, approachable and with a little bear in it somewhere. This was the perfect combo of modern, cute and with a smile. I also like that you can't tell if it's a cake or pie or whatever cause I make all sorts of stuff! 

I really do love it and will be using it wherever I can now and in the near future! I love it so much that I made a CAKE out of it! Art becoming function! ;) Hope you guys like it too! If not, I don't care cause I love it. Haha.