New Kids on the Block Cake

I'm always excited for new challenges with cake commissions whenever I get a brief from someone. This time, it was New Kids on the Block!! I will say I was way more of a BSB fan since I was too young to appreciate NKOTB but it did prep me for the long teen years where I was a dedicated BSB and N'Sync fan. 

I remember I had a Jordan Knight doll cause I liked that he had black hair and could be matched up with my Barbies vs. having blonde Ken dolls. I was such a rebel at 5yrs old. (HA.) Of course we all sang along.... "Ooohh oh ohhh oh oh.. THE RIGHT STUFF!"

The most difficult part of this design was finding what outfits I can use to differentiate these guys and make it semi-apparent who each of them are. There's Jordan, Joey and Donny... the other two guys I can honestly say no one remembers them, right? They were the most difficult and I kinda just found some photos of them wearing similar-ish colors as these. :-/

This lovely NKOTB cake was chocolate with an OREO swiss meringue buttercream. So so so delish... and kinda like eating an Oreo Mc Flurry cream cake :D.