Two cakes are better than one!

I recently was commissioned by my ex-colleague for her wonderful birthday celebration. It was the largest party I've had to bake for to-date and was tasked to make TWO two-tiered cakes for the same evening. Whenever I approach a new commission, I always like to ask what my client has in mind for decorations. In this case, she shared the invitation with me which was very chic and sophisticated. She also told me that her and her husband are Detroit transplants to LA and her party will be the coming together of their close friends and family from both cities. 

I naturally wanted to make something clean but also with a little personality. I loved the idea of a dual cake situation where they complement each other so I designed each cake with their own unique skyline and then matched flavors according to the city. Detroit with the dark Valrhona chocolate cake and espresso buttercream. LA with a cheerier vanilla sponge cake with fresh strawberry buttercream. My back was killing me by the end since I hand cut all the buildings but it's always worth it when I see how happy people are with my creations. :)