Moana Themed Birthday Cake

Every year for the last 3 years I've made my sister-in-law's friend's daughter's Birthday Cake. The first year was Frozen, second was My Little Pony and this year, she wanted Moana! I love whenever her birthday comes around because I think secretly (or not so secretly) I would TOTALLY pick the same themes that she does for MY birthday cake. Basically I get to live my fantasy through Jolie's Birthday every year. 

Moana was easy in the sense that I'm used to making surf themed cakes. As seen on The Great American Baking Show with my Surfing Santa Showstopper, and another friend who asked for a "Surf Shack" birthday cake. I knew instantly that I was going to do an ombre blue ocean for the primary color and then from there it was all about the details. 

I incorporated Moana's signature swirl by printing and cutting out a pattern for the top and then apply crushed graham crackers to the top. Then the rest included a gum paste topper and fondant finishings. Pretty proud of this one and can see this being a popular one this year!